Nagios - 
The Industry Standard in IT Infrastructure Monitoring

ECCS delivers official products, services, and solutions for and around Nagios® – the industry standard in enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring. With millions of users worldwide, Nagios is the undisputed champion in the IT monitoring space.

By giving your IT team a heads-up around critical network errors and system issues, Nagios helps your team stay on track, rather than spending precious time reacting to and trying to fix surprise issues. Our alerting features integrate smoothly with your IT department to help you respond quickly to outages, security threats or abnormal behaviour.

Nagios XI provides monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure components including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and network infrastructure. Hundreds of third-party addons provide for monitoring of virtually all in-house and external applications, services, and systems. Nagios® XI is available in a Standard Edition with an option for the Enterprise Upgrade. Pricing for Nagios XI licenses is determined by the number of hosts (nodes) you intend to monitor. There are no restrictions on the number of services that can be monitored at any of the license levels.

Nagios Log Server greatly simplifies the process of searching your log data. Set up alerts to notify you when potential threats arise, or simply query your log data to quickly audit any system. With Nagios Log Server, you get all of your log data in one location, with high availability and fail-over built right in. 

Nagios Core serves as the basic event scheduler, event processor, and alert manager for elements that are monitored. It features several APIs that are used to extend its capabilities to perform additional tasks, is implemented as a daemon written in C for performance reasons, & is designed to run natively on Linux/*nix systems.

Nagios Network Analyzer provides an in-depth look at all network traffic sources and potential security threats allowing system admins to quickly gather high-level information regarding the health of the network as well as highly granular data for complete and thorough network analysis.

Nagios Fusion provides IT operations staff and management with quick, at-a-glance visual indication of problems anywhere across your IT infrastructure.

ECCS can assist you with the development of your Nagios infrastructure from designing a distributed architecture, writing custom plugins, to integrating with other software and data sources. ECCS have Network Monitoring consultants available to discuss all facets of your existing or proposed Network Monitoring implementation and offer support services for complete peace of mind.

You can download and evaluation Nagios from here

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