SEP sesam -
backup and disaster recovery with integrated de-duplication, replication and archiving capabilities for every environment.

SEP sesam is an enterprise backup, restore and disaster recovery solution for today's discerning computer environments. Deduplication and replication capabilities across distributed locations - as well as archiving - are key features of SEP sesam. Migration of data is scheduled automatically, regardless of storage technologies. The flexible backup and recovery of all common operating systems, virtual environments and hypervisors along with a multitude of applications and databases is realised  absolutely reliable in thousands of companies.


SEP sesam is ideal for every IT-environment. From small businesses up to major enterprises, SEP sesam supports all common operating systems, virtualization platforms, applications, databases and storage technologies. Secure enterprise-wide backups, restores, and disaster recoveries are extremely fast and easy to implement and to perform.

SEP sesam’s multi-streaming technology allows simultaneous backups of an unlimited number of servers. The result is maximum speed performing restore-oriented backups. By implementing the newest deduplication feature, storage capacities and network loads can be substantially minimized. Block-level replication of deduplicated data between datacenters is very effective.

SEP sesam is specialized in hot backups of applications, databases, hypervisors and files in multi-OS environments. The backup and migration of data is very flexible. SEP sesam’s newest addition, SEP EasyArchive, allows companies to create an unalterable, constant data store for desired retention and legal requirements.

Key Features of SEP sesam

  • Platform Independent - Supported OS platforms include Windows, Linux distributions & UNIX derivatives, Solaris, HP/UX, Tr64, BSD (also Open VMS), MacOS X & many more.

  • Multi-Streaming Technology - By simultaneously backing up multiple servers, SEP can significantly reduce backup windows by 50-98%.

  • VMware, RHV, Hyper-V and Citrix Virtual Support - Agentless solutions include image-level backups, single-file restore, CBT and instant restore features. Supported platforms: VMware ESX/ESXi, Red Hat Virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V, V-Sphere (VCB and VADP) and Citrix XenServer.

  • Deduplication - SEP deduplication is a scalable, high performance, inline, global, solution that optimizes disc capacity.

  • Data Replication - Maximize existing infrastructure by creating off-site warm standbys and/or replicating data from any node to any other node.

  • SEP Easy Archive - SEP Easy Archive uses WORM (Write Once Read Many) Technology to prevent unintentional data loss as well as unauthorized edits, changes or deletion of data.

  • SEP Cloud - Seamlessly integrates with Citrix Cloud Stack, Amazon EC2 or any private cloud.

  • Groupware/Mail - Supports all versions of Exchange, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Scalix, Zarafa, OX and more.

  • Disaster Recovery - Bare metal restore for Windows & Linux to similar or dissimilar hardware.

  • One Backup Solution Fits Every Backup Need - Replace multiple, antiquated backup utilities with one solution. Save time on acquisition, support and training with SEP.

  • Centralised Administration - SEP's GUI can quickly and easily manage the entire enterprise from a central location or remote workstation.

  • Easy Installation - SEP's small footprint allows a simple installation and configuration.

  • Data Retention/Migration - Back up to a DataStore, Virtual Tape Library (VTL), tape drives or any combination (Disk to Disk to Tape).

  • Full Cluster Support - Windows, Linux, Unix and NetWare cluster support with node failover.

  • Remote Server/Client - Remote access to LAN/WAN storage devices provides flexibility and savings.

  • Easy Restore Wizard - Restores can be performed in minutes.

  • Firewall - SEP can back up clients through multiple firewalls using only two ports.

  • LAN-Free Backups of SAN Environments - LAN Free Backups over Fiber or ISCI to SAN increase performance and eliminate network traffic.

  • SEP Scheduler/Migration - Integrated, heterogeneous calendar functionality to control all tasks, including backup and restore, migration and generational migration. Start all backups at the same time.

  • Automatic Recognition - Upon installation, SEP recognizes all storage devices and VMs.

  • NetApp Support - Improved performance over NDMP.

  • Meets or Exceeds All USA, North American and European Privacy and Security Laws.

The management interface allows users to easily manage thousands of systems, around the world from a single location.

SEP has its headquarters south of Munich, Germany.


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